Winter Rev 4s 2024

Jan 10
Apr 3, 2024
January 10, 2024

Winter is COMING!

Rev 4s is a competitive level volleyball league open to advanced players. Teams are to be composed of at least one player of each gender. We take registrations in teams only.

Registration opens December 6th!

March 6th is C/D only (at GHMS, Colquitz is closed)
March 13th is A/B only (at Colquitz, GHMS is closed)

These are no ordinary 4s matches. If you're looking for a competitive, fast-paced and intense volleyball league that runs on Wednesday nights during the fall and winter - we've got your back. Small-sided volleyball games are battled, players bouncing and running up and down the court at a lightning pace. Sounds like fun right?

In addition to standard court volleyball rules, the following rules apply to Reverse 4s:

  1. Men must attack from behind the attack/3 meter line.
  2. Men may only block against men.
  3. No open-handed tips (roll shots, “pokeys”, etc. are allowed)
  4. No setting the ball across the net.
  5. For men, the VB must cross one line, besides the net, if one is inside the 3 meter line (no inside to inside play)
  6. Males are allowed to attack overbump passes from within the attack line area, if they occurred on the first or second contact by the opposing team.
  7. Any discrepancies, just re-serve.
  8. Call out the score prior to each serve.

    Ceiling/Roof Play Rule:
    If the ball contacts the ceiling in the playing area and within your own side of the court, it remains in play.  If the ball contacts the ceiling out of bounds or ends on the opponent’s side of play, it is considered out of bounds/loss of point.

    *This rule does not include the basketball hoops above the court of play. Contact with the basketball hoops above the court of play is a dead ball.

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Jan 10, 2024
Apr 3, 2024
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Gordon Head Middle School
1671 Kenmore Rd, Victoria, BC V8N 4M8
Colquitz Middle School
505 Dumeresq St, Victoria, BC V8Z 1X2