SIVA Summer Cash Tourney

Jul 16
July 16, 2022

Join us for our first ever cash prize R2s tournament! Similar to our well known and loved R2s grass league, this tournament will be a great opportunity for those wanting to battle at the top as well as those looking to enjoy some more friendly recreational games in the sun.The tournament will consist of round robin play in the morning, a lunch break and a playoff bracket. There will be both a competitive (those who normally play in A/B/C pool) and a recreational side (those who normally play in C/D/E/F pool, etc.)

The more teams that register, the more prize money that will be available! Help us fill this tourney up and 1st place in each division will walk away with pockets full of cash!

To register, make sure you sign up as a Team Captain, once registered you can invite your teammate to join your team. Once both players have paid, your spot will be reserved!

Our Reverse 2s League is a fast paced and competitive grass volleyball league that will get your blood pumping on Wednesday evenings all spring and summer long!  Whether you're looking for some friendly competition or just want to hit the ground running as a beginner, we've got the perfect league for you. With over 45 teams playing each season, it’s one of our most popular programs with pools for all skill levels.

Play with old friends or make new ones in this great opportunity for some good exercise and change of scenery. Sign up with a partner or register as a “free agent” and we'll hook you up - either way you're guaranteed to sweat and have more fun than you thought possible!

The following rules apply to our grass Reverse 2s leagues:

  1. Men must attack from behind the attack/3 meter line.
  2. Men may only block against men.
  3. No open-handed tips (roll shots, “pokeys”, etc. are allowed)
  4. You cannot set the serve or freeballs.
  5. No setting the ball across the net.
  6. For men, the VB must cross one line, besides the net, if one is inside the 3 meter line (no inside to inside play)
  7. Males are allowed to attack overbump passes from within the attack line area, if they occurred on the first or second contact by the opposing team.
  8. Any discrepancies, just re-serve.
  9. Call out the score prior to each serve.
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Jul 16, 2022
9:15 am - 6:00 pm
Per Person
Reynolds Park
3928 Lasalle St, Victoria, BC V8P 3L7