We are very excited to have everyone back playing reverse 4s this Wednesday night at Colquitz and Gordon Head Middle School.

Location adjustment:
This season, A and B pool will be at Colquitz Middle School and C and D pool will be at Gordon Head Middle School. The schedule for each week will be live on our website every Tuesday. The week 1 ranking for this season has not been set but should be up on the website by Tuesday.

Weekly movement/rankings:

It is very hard to rank teams based on the information we have (Captain's name) but we will do our absolute best. Please be patient the first week or two as you settle into your level of play. The pools will consist of 5 teams. For the first two weeks, the top two teams in each pool will move up a pool, the bottom 2 will move down a pool. After that, the ranking rules will be as follows:
A Pool - 5th Place moves down
B Pool - 1st Place moves up and 5th place moves down.
C Pool - 1st Place moves up and 4th and 5th move down.
D Pool - 1st and 2nd place move up.

Game Play:
The league manager will review rules prior to the beginning of the first night. You will play every team once and have one bye each night. Games will be timed and you will earn 2 points if you win a set to 21. You will earn 1 point if you have the lead and the combined score totals 15 or more points.

In addition to standard court volleyball rules, the following rules apply to Reverse 4s:
- Men must attack from behind the attack/3 meter line.
- Men may only block against men.
- No open-handed tips (roll shots, “pokeys”, etc. are allowed)
- No setting the ball across the net.
- For men, the VB must cross one attack line, if one is inside the 3-meter line (no inside to inside play)
- Males are allowed to attack over bump passes from within the attack line area, if they occurred on the first or second contact by the opposing team.
- Any discrepancies, just re-serve.
- Call out the score prior to each serve.
Ceiling/Roof Play Rule:
If the ball contacts the ceiling in the playing area and within your own side of the court, it remains in play. If the ball contacts the ceiling out of bounds or ends on the opponent’s side of play, it is considered out of bounds/loss of point.
*This rule does not include the basketball hoops above the court of play at Gordan Head. Contact with the basketball hoops above the court of play is a dead ball.

Season Schedule:

Every Wednesday except for the following adjustments:
- October 26 - No league at both gyms.
- Nov 30th - A + B pool at Gordan Head (C+ D pool off)
- Dec 7th - C + D pool at Gordan Head (A +B pool off)
You can find the weekly schedule and rankings here: https://www.sivolleyball.ca/news-schedules

Staff + Game Day
Our wonderful staff of Meg and Colin (and sometimes Cayce) only get access to the gym roughly 15 minutes before the night begins. Which doesn't leave much time to set up the nets, write out the schedule, and make sure everything is ready to go by 6:30. Please be patient as there may be a delay to the beginning of gameplay on the first night as we get into the flow of things. If you arrive early, they always appreciate a little help setting up so things get started as soon as possible. :)

Good luck to all teams this season, and have fun!!